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  • 12 October 2021
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Good evening and congrats with this good looking “community hub”.

So I thought … let’s test this with a real question :-)

We have started to orient us a bit in the vast topic of archiving from collaborative workspaces. It is complex for many reasons. My eye fell on the Perservica’s page related to “automated sharepoint archiving” and I wondered what the current state of play is. The page reveals some high level features but we are interested in more details of this process (both technical and functional wise). Is more information available ?

  • I checked the latest user documentation and ctrl-f’ed it with “sharepoint” but could not find something (but I might have missed it of course);
  • I also looked into the user portal forum and there are some posts. This one from 2020 is in particular interesting.

Thanks for any feedback !



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3 replies

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@preservica staff… feel free to move my post to another spot if that would be more appropriate !

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Hi @baertli thanks for the feedback on the Hub and for the question relating to the SharePoint connector… well spotted that it doesnt feature in the documentation.

As a bit of background the SP connector was originally developed by Co-founder Jon Tilbury and his innovation team to link Preservica via an API box to other content systems,  such as SharePoint (online) and Open Text and perform periodic automatic ingests from monitored locations via the defined Etract - Tranform - Load (ETL) process directly into an existing Preservica instance.

The reason it doesnt feature in documentation is that it isn’t “core” preservica product and sits slightly outside of this.  Additionally,  the connector has been through many stages of testing and development and only made available upon request to selected clients who express an interest and meet the creteria for implementation.

As such, I would recommend reaching out to your account manager to discuss your interest and they will be able to provide additional information/advice/guidance 


Hope this helps and that you continue to enjoy and discover all the new features of the Community Hub!




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Ok thanks @Nate.Voogt, we’ll do as indicated when the time is right.