Removing Thumbnails

  • 27 December 2023
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Hi Everyone- 

I previously selected some thumbnails for my folders that I now want to remove and not replace with anything else.  I see the “Change Thumbnail” option… but this only allows you to change content for content, not to remove completely.  It’s not the most pressing issue, but one that sort of just bothers my quest for order.  :) Has anyone had any luck removing thumbnails once they have been used?

Thank you!  

2 replies

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Hi Ashley,

There is not currently an option to remove the thumbnail completely, but I’d encourage you to submit this as a product idea. Other users can upvote it and we can then review and see if it is a change we can make.



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Thanks so much, Aubrey!  I’ll submit it.  It’s not pressing- just a bee in my bonnet.