Public Portal Malfunction

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Good Morning-

On this painfully early Saturday morning, I’m trying to work on getting our public portal up and running - and starting small.  When I select the top-level series “public” button, the normal dialog box asking if I really want to do that comes up but disappears before I can click the affirmative button.

Is anyone else experiencing this?  I’ve tried the usual logout, shut down, etc.  

Thanks!  Have a great weekend-


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Thank you!  It’s fixed.


I’m actually experiencing this now - can you pass along how it was fixed?



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Hi John-

I think it was actually fixed internally.  Someone from Preservica usually answers when these problems come up.  They’re usually pretty fast.

Best of luck!


Ok - thanks! I thought it would have to be an internal fix. 

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Good morning,

I am now having this problem as well. It appears to be happening across all major browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Edge) and only occurs when there is a folder with a mix of private and public-set material. I have successfully changed permissions on individual items folders that are already set to all-private or all-public-- it’s the ones that make the “are you sure” popup show that are having this issue.


Brad Houston

I’ve got the same issue, 12-12-2023. If it can’t be fixed, I’m exiting the platform already.