Is Starter edition significantly different from Professional/Enterprise?

  • 23 November 2022
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I’ve been playing around with Starter edition in order to get a sense of what a full instance (Professional/Enterprise) would be like, and I’m starting to realise that they’re two very different products? Would I be correct in thinking that the logical data model and ingest/preservation workflows do not really apply here to the starter edition?

2 replies

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Preservica Starter is built on the same core as the other editions, so the data model and the general way that things work behind the scenes is applicable to both. You mention ingest workflows - when you drag content into Starter it is being ingested with the same workflow that gets used in CE.

Not all features are available through the new interface, for example you can’t (yet) modify your migration settings or start a manual preservation workflow that way, and in addition to that, some features will not be available to Starter users even when they are available through the new interface.

Regarding the logical data model, you can see the internals of an asset in Starter on the “Preservation History” tab within UX2 Explorer when you have clicked on an asset. This is essentially the same information you would see in UX1 Explorer “Advanced” tab.


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Hi Kieran, as Richard says, a lot of things might be the same/similar under the hood but otherwise they are very different products, IMO. The main differences are:

  • a completely different look of Starter - although it might be an indication of what the other editions will look like in (near?) future
  • Starter has a very limited functionality, compared to the other editions
  • The way some workflows / processes run are different, e.g. you can’t just ingest content by dropping a file in the UI in the other editions

Starter is a full-fledged and working product on its own, albeit with a very limited functionality - enough for personal use or small institutions who are starting or have no, or minimal, funding. It is also, in a way, almost like a beta version for the other editions - Preservica seems to test some new features first in Starter, before adding them to the main product.