Ingesting audio outputs from British Library Save our Sounds project

  • 2 November 2021
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Hi all,

We have just received back a large volume of analogue audio recordings which we have been lucky enough to get digitised as part of the British Library Save our Sounds project.

We are now thinking about the best way to ingest the outputs into Preservica (as well as get metadata into our Calm collection management system and link the digital assets to the catalogue record).

I wondered if any other Preservica customers have been part of this BL project and would like to have a chat/ discussion about how best to structure and ingest the outputs into Preservica?

As an example:

Audio files

We have a cassette tape which has been returned to us with two separate wav files, one for each side of the cassette.

This is straightforward enough.

Metadata files

However, for the above cassette, we have been provided with a three separate rows of spreadsheet metadata for the contents of this cassette - describing three separate audio items included on the single cassette tape -  one of the rows of metadata describes content which crosses over both sides of the cassette.



  • 2 x digital files; 3 x metadata records…
  • We also have the mp3 files and hash files to ingest alongside.


I am trying to work out how best to work with this in Preservica! 

Let me know if you are in a similar boat and would like to discuss further.


2 replies

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Hi Laura,

Great question but to ensure it gets the largest possible audience I’d would advise posting it on the existing User Group forum as well as this still has the majority of Preservica users accessing it until we migrate everything over.


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Thanks Steve - it did cross my mind! I will copy it over now