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  • 10 March 2022
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Pretty sure I know the answer to this already, but: is there some way to get a breakdown of files with file sizes in one’s Starter Plus instance? I can do this file-by-file by looking at preservation history, and I can sort of do it folder-by-folder by presenting assets as a list, but obviously neither solution is really practicable at scale. (Context: I am trying to see how much space a group of raw camera images is taking up.)  It would be extremely useful for space management purposes if there was something like this to assist with file appraisal.


Brad Houston, City Records Officer

Milwaukee Municipal Research Center


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3 replies

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Hello Brad,

Thanks for the question and apologies for the delay in replying. There isn’t currently a way of seeing this information in Starter/Starter Plus, although there are Storage related reports in Preservica Professional. However, I will pass this onto our product team for consideration in future release.



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OK, that’s what I assumed, but those who don’t ask don’t get. Thanks anyway for confirming.



I just want to second Brad’s request for the ability to get more detailed information about what is in the repository.  The “Formats in your preservation repository” circles in the Dashboard are pretty, but it would be much more useful for reporting needs to have the ability to see numbers, both in aggregate and by collection.  Ideally this data could be sliced and diced by format OR by folder and collection, and would include the size of files as well as a simple item count.  I can see, for instance that I have 523 folders in one collection, but have no idea how many items there are -- and that is of interest to both internal and external users.  Thanks for considering!  Cheers, Rachel