Email body not appearing

  • 24 May 2024
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I was doing some test ingests of .pst file in preparation for ingesting one for a collection of emails that we want to preserve.

Although it appeared to work first time when going to view the emails in Preservica the body of the email is missing:


Missing email body


If you download the asset, it comes the email had a .dat file attached to it which does contain the body of the email in a kind of html form.

Has anyone else encountered this problem or am I just doing something wrong?


Any help would be great, thanks.

1 reply

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Hi there,

We will probably need a copy of the .pst file in order to investigate this, so I would advise raising this with the support team and they will be able to dig into this in more detail.

Just drop an email with the details to and they will be in contact.