Do files get overwritten when doing a new bulk ingest?

  • 21 March 2023
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I am wondering if the files already ingested in Preservica Starter will get overwritten by the same files being uploaded again with a bulk ingest, or do they create copies?  


I have a folder on my computer that I add items to over time as I discover them in the archives (the archives program is new, so I am organizing while digitizing some items).  I would like to add the metadata to the existing DC csv file, then bulk ingest again.  Ideally, I would not bulk ingest again over one item, but if I add 10+ I would want to go this route.

Is this possible without creating copies of the files stored on Preservica, or would I have to create a separate folder with a new DC csv file for these new items?

Thank you.

1 reply

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Hi there! The way bulk CSV works as is, a new folder will be created on ingest each time, so if you’re adding the whole folder and contents as a bulk ingest, it will allow the same files to be uploaded on ingest. It’s probably simplest (especially with Starter) to just perform the ingest again when you have more assets & metadata and then delete the outdated folder.

Alternatively, you could prepare a new folder for each ingest with just the assets and metadata that you need to add to the collection. Then, post ingest, you could drag and drop them into the folder they belong to.

It’s perhaps not the most elegant or efficient solution, but if you’re looking to continuously add I think those are your best options for now. Happy for my colleagues or other Starter users to chime in if they have additional advice!

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