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  • 23 February 2023
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Our public portal page for the National Railway Heritage Awards (Starter Edition) has a 500: Internal Error message. Is there something I need to do to get it going again? 

500: Internal Server Error ( 

3 replies

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Hi Vicky,

I have reached out to the support team on this issue on your behalf and we’ll be in touch soon about a solution.

In the future if you run into an issue like this, please feel free to email - they typically will provide a more prompt response to any technical problems.




Brilliant - thank you Aubrey!

I wasn’t sure what the technical support arrangements were for Starter, so thanks for letting me know 👍 


This has been an ongoing problem for us and I am dealing directly by someone at support by email as we had no site at all for a period of about three days. At present we get that error for a second and then the site is available via a desktop, but our site is completely down for mobile users. There seems to be something worrying going on in the background as its been a while now. It’s concerning me a little as I was exploring options for upgrade to Starter Plus, but I need the stability across all platforms before I can consider that.

Mark Norman

The Folklore Library and Archive