We are on the same team! Preservica’s shared responsibility model

  • 1 February 2024
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Dear Community,

My name is Martyn Simpson, and I am the new Head of Information Security at Preservica. I am delighted to be part an amazing organization, ensuring that the information you entrust to our platform remains secure. Myself, and the Information Security Team have been working hard on our Information Security Governance, Risk Management, Compliance, Security Operations and ensuring transparency to our clients of the security controls we have in place.

We understandably receive a lot of questions from you, our customers as to how Preservica is taking appropriate action for the protection and confidentiality of client data as a cloud service provider.

In this newly released paper ‘PRESERVICA SHARED RESPONSIBILITY MODEL’ we’ve detailed the responsibilities that are applicable across our whole service offering but are specifically written in the context of Preservica Cloud.

Shared Responsibility Model


Please do also check out the rest of our newly launched Trust Center for all the latest Certificates and Audit Reports across Security, Quality, Privacy, Accessibility and Sustainability.

Trust Center

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