What to do with a ColdFusion database

  • 30 November 2023
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Hello everyone! I am a solo archivist and fairly new to Preservica. I have an old ColdFusion database that I don’t know what to do with. I’m looking for a solution to not only store it, but to provide access to the public. I looked on the File Format Information spreadsheet and did not find ColdFusion. Am I correct then that Preservica can not ingest and render this database? If that is true, any ideas of what to do with this thing would be much appreciated! 

2 replies

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Although you can ingest any format into Preservica, you are right we can’t render this format.  To get a sense of the need and to understand the user base, can I suggest you raise a Product Idea here on the Hub, we have a dedicated area for this -

The advantage of raising your request here is that it will be visible to other users and if others like your suggestion, they can then lend their support to it  via the voting button. Activity on the Product Ideas page is monitored by the Preservica Product Team and good/popular ideas, especially those that have support from a number of customers, are then looked at more closely and assessed to see if they can be  introduced into a future release of the product.




Thank you Wendy!