Introduce yourself to the community

  • 5 October 2021
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Introduce yourself to the community
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Hi Community!


I’m David, Starter Marketing Manager and part of the Community Hub team. It’s a pleasure to be here with you and have a chance to create this space for our global user community to connect, collaborate and share best practice and knowledge with each other.


Feel free to introduce yourself here in the thread – you could share where you work, live, your role, and even how you are using Preservica at your organization. (Share your bigger Preservica story here).


Why not add other interesting information about yourself or even a fun picture with your pet. This is the best way for all of us to get to know one another! I haven’t got any pets but my daughters keep me busy, so that’s the picture I’m sharing (hat strategically placed by my oldest :sunglasses: )


I look forward to connecting with you all on the Community Hub!



David Portman



5 replies

Hi Community! 

Many of you know me already - I am Michaela Heigl, Product Director User Value here at Preservica. And, as my job title, suggests, I want to make sure that all our users get value from the products and services we offer to our users.

This means that I need to understand what you, our users, find valuable, what goals you pursue and what may stand in the way,  so we can design and deliver solutions that really work for you.

I am very excited about this Community Hub, which will enable me to involve you more than ever before in co-designing new solutions with us, for example through surveys, polls, the product ideas sections and our popular events.

So please make sure you check in regularly that you don’t miss out!

I know that many of you really like giving input and advice, and I always gratefully receive it! 

Let’s connect on the Hub!

Kind regards,




Hello everyone!


I am Kate Broadfield, platform product manager at preservica, starting as core product owner at the end of 2021, working closely with our engineers and madly learning how Preservica works, paving the path to a delightful and easy preservation future for us all

I am interested to learn how some of you might be using our APIs and if there is anything additional you might need.  Meanwhile I am supporting our new product development in building the right product and building it right, in order to serve you effectively.

Behind the scenes we are working to modernise our system and streamline our ways of working.


On a personal note, I love to balance the tech such as with promoting live music, improving my garden for all year interest, making it a happy place for both the birds and our 2 cats! I love seeing nature better through the process of photographing or drawing. 

As a transplant to England from New England, I love discovering cultural differences across the pond. I am a glass-half-full person so my favourite bit about remote working is that every day can be ‘take-your-cat-to-work day’!


Have a lovely day and I look forward to meeting you.

All the best,


“Take your cat to work day”


Hello from Cincinnati, OH, 

I’m Jim DaMico and am a lone arranger archivist at a large hospital. I just started using starter and would like to know if there are other hospital/healthcare archivists in the community using Preservica. 

Many thanks!

Jim DaMico

I’m Freya Anderson from the Alaska Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums.  I work with two sections here, each of which use Preservica in different ways. Our Government Publications program uses mostly S3 storage for content that is in Preservica for both preservation and access, so the Universal Access aspect is important.  Our Historical Collections already has the access pieces in place (a shared ContentDM portal for most content and YouTube for videos), so we’re primarily using Preservica Glacier storage for long term preservation of high resolution files.

Winter Sunrise in Juneau

One thing that’s frustrating to us is that so much of the training and meetings are scheduled based on other time zones, so often we’re either attending at 5 am or stuck with recordings.  I love that this is a international group, but that’s too early for even our morning people, and I’m not a morning person!  It seems like there might be enough people in a similar boat to justify an Americas or US users group, where meetings or trainings would be scheduled during business hours for time zones from Eastern through Alaska, or better yet, through Hawaii-Aleutian.

Winter Day in Juneau


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Hi everyone! 

My name is Aubrey Shanahan and I’m the Onboarding Specialist for Starter! My background is in libraries and archives - I received my MLIS in 2018 from Simmons University and have worked internships and jobs ranging from small house museums to public libraries to the JFK Presidential Library and Museum.

I am extremely passionate about archival work and records management, and it has been an honor to join Preservica and to work one on one with so many of you. It is my goal to be your trusted partner in your digital preservation journey. I’m always happy to chat about any and all things Preservica and digital preservation!

I am originally from Colorado, but now live in Texas with my partner and our two dogs & cat. 😊


Photo from my holiday trip home to Colorado, my dogs Dexter and Taika and my cat, Georgie