I cannot see embedded metadata such as IPTC

  • 23 September 2021
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If I upload a file that has metadata embedded in it, such as an image file with IPTC, this is not being shown against the file in the Starter system.

This is because Starter does not support embedded metadata at this time. MODS and DC metadata can be added manually post upload and also edited in bulk and in the future we are looking at enabling the upload of metadata along with files.

7 replies


Is this a feature available in Starter Plus?

Hi @cherri93 ,


Unfortunately, this feature is not available in Starter Plus. However, you can always view extracted technical metadata under Advanced Information.



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Boosting this topic to request embedded metadata to be ingested and displayed along with the file brought into Starter Plus. I’m working on a cross-reference between metadata elements in Dublin Core, MODS & IPTC.

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This is not available in Starter Plus.  If you wanted to raise a Product Enhancement in this community we can see how popular a request it is. 

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Is this available in Pro?

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it is not available in any NGI Edition yet (and thanks for pulling me up on being imprecise, I should have said our current plan is that it will not be available in Starter Plus).


As functionality for the higher Editions… It is something that we are considering and actually planning. However, [sadly] it is not in this year’s roadmap (please upvote for us to prioritize in our future roadmap).


Thanks again




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Hi @Peter Anderton 

Funny story… was looking to upvote, could not find it in the ideas board, but I did find this!! Guess who started that thread!! lol