Bulk Metadata Editing in Preservica Starter

  • 21 July 2021
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The Bulk Metadata Editing feature allows you to update, replace or clear a specific metadata field across multiple folders in one go.

Please be aware that Bulk Metadata Editing is a powerful tool that will make permanent and irrevocable changes to your metadata. There is no preview or rollback functionality and the updates will be done in the background and may take some time depending on the number of assets affected.

The steps below only apply where the DC or MODS metadata template already exists on the assets you want to edit.

1.    Login to Starter using your email address and password. The Home screen displays.
2.    Find the folder that contain the assets you want to update the metadata for.
3.    Right-click on the folder. To select multiple folders hold down the Ctrl key (on a Mac the Command key).
The Actions menu displays, with the Bulk edit metadata options at the bottom.

4.    Choose step 2: Bulk edit metadata
5.    A message displays checking if a metadata template already exists:

6.    If a metadata template does exist , to continue click Yes, I have. If one needs to be added click No, I need to do step 1. This will then allow you to add one. 
7.    Click Yes, I have.

8.    The Bulk metadata editing dialog displays, showing the 3 options available, Update, Replace and Clear.

•    Update: bulk update of a metadata schema field

•    Replace: bulk replace of a metadata schema field that contains a specific value

•    Clear: bulk removal of any value contained within a metadata schema field

Note: All fields are mandatory

9.    For each option, the Schema and Field must be selected from the drop-down lists.
There are two schemas available:
•    Dublin Core
•    MODS

10.    Depending on the Schema selected, the corresponding field drop-down list will display, i.e. for Dublin Core:

11.    Select the appropriate field to update, replace or clear.
12.    Then, depending on which edit option you have selected, you will be presented with:

•    Update:

•    Replace:

No further options exist if the Clear option is chosen.
13.    Enter in the exact text to Update, Find or Replace with, for example:

14.    Click Update all, Replace all or Clear all, depending on the option selected.
15.    An Are you sure? message will display.

16.    This is the last step before making the bulk metadata changes. Click Yes, overwrite to proceed or No, cancel to stop.
17.    If you are sure click Yes, overwrite.

18.    A message will display in the bottom right-hand corner. The update may take some time to complete depending on how many assets are being updated.



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I didn’t know this was possible in Starter - this is going to save me so much time, thank you @Agnieszka Scott :smile:

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Hi @Agnieszka Scott

Is there a way to track the progress of bulk metadata editing updates? Similar to the ingest/preserve tracker for new assets - i.e. seeing if the process was completed or there was an error. I’ve been having trouble with trying to bulk add MODS metadata to a folder of assets and it would be useful to see if the process is complete and somethings gone wrong or if its still running in the background. 

Hi @ktlough,

Unfortunately, there is no progress tracker on bulk metadata edits. However, our teem has looked into your issue and identified a problem with indexes. The indexes have been corrected and the workflow should preform without a glitch. Please try it again and let me know how you get on.


With kind regards,



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Great thanks! Seems to be working now. 

Dear Starter users,

If anyone has any feedback on the bulk metadata editing functionality please let me know. We would like to hear from you to find out whether it does save you time (that was the intention), what you use it for, and whether it’s working for you.


Kind regards,


Product Director, User Value


Is there any documentation or videos on how to do bulk metadata editing for Cloud Edition users?  We have read the system user guide, but do not know where to find the two example files mbe_xip_example.xml and mbe_oai_dc_example.xml that are listed.  Everything on the community hub is for Starter Users.  We are trying to create and activate the workflow context.


Thanks for your help and guidance.

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Hi @tara.maharjan - You can find the mbe_oai_dc_example.xml under Knowledge base > Technical resources > Technical downloads > Preservica 6.6 Template downloads.

You will also need to contact Support so that they can enable Bulk Metadata Editing on your system. There is additional information Support will provide to you, including some video instruction. 


Thanks for the info, but it DOES offer me the option to update multiple metadata elements, so I selected that. It then allows me to enter data for any element in the DC template. I’m surprised it would “tease” about being able to bulk update more than one field if that were not really available.

I’ll try to do a single field bulk update and see how that goes.


I tried again using the single field bulk edit option and had the same result.


I click “Yes, continue” but it does not continue. It stays on this “Are you sure” window until I click outside the box.