Optimizing your metadata with a controlled vocabulary - VIDEO

  • 14 July 2021
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2 replies

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Hi - is there a video that shows how users can search with this controlled vocab on the user end?  Right now all I see is sort by relevance, title, description, and date.  When I search a coverage term, a term I have entered in on my own on the adminstrative side, I do not get those files appearing.

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Hi Abra,

We don’t have any video resources in this area at the moment but it sounds like we may be talking about a couple of things here. The sort options you mention (relevance, title, description and date) are fixed options and do not increase based on your metadata.

However your search terms should absolutely pick up any terms you have entered in your metadata, so I will drop you a private message about that as I want to ask you some questions about your data.