DiAGRAM: Digital Archiving Graphical Risk Assessment Model

  • 16 March 2022
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One of the objectives of the Safeguarding the Nation's Digital Memory project which produced DiAGRAM was to help archivists (in particular) make the case for digital preservation work. Part of this is having a built in benchmark model to help demonstrate the difference between merely backing-up material and actually doing digital preservation. If you’ve not explored the model yet, you can find the current (prototype) version at https://nationalarchives.shinyapps.io/DiAGRAM/

I’m happy to advise on using the modelling to help you make a business case.

1 reply

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Hi David-

I find this really compelling.  I’m about to give a presentation on records management and digital preservation to the department heads in the small town government where I work as an archivist.  This will prove very helpful and thought provoking, I think, and helps me make sure I touched on all of the facets of digital preservation.

Thanks so much!


Ashley Large, Town Archivist

Bedford, MA, USA