Using External Submissions Management in Starter and NGI

  • 9 November 2022
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The External Submissions Management functionality allows you to invite internal and external archivists to upload and submit digital content for your repository. You can configure the invitation message, and review the content submitted before accepting it into your repository. This feature is available to all Starter users.

Easy to follow video training


Interactive eLearning course

In this step by step eLearning course you will learn how to set-up and use External Submissions Management. You will need to register as a user on our LMS to be enrolled on the course. Click here to sign-up.

Quick reference guide

In this ‘How-to guide’ I describe the steps to set-up and use External Submissions Management in Starter. See attached guide.


6 replies

As a new starter at Preservica, this was very informative and easy to follow. Thank you.

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Are specific user roles required for this? Speaking to colleagues who I have given Access and Ingest roles, they don’t seem to have access to Actions menu or External Submissions functionality.

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Hello Helen, the users would need to have the MANAGER user role to see the Actions>Invite and manage submissions function.



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Thanks Paul, is there a specific reason for this? Most of my colleagues would potentially be accepting digital material from external parties but I wouldn’t want to give them all full manager permissions.

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Hi Helen, not that I’m aware of, but I see your point. I think it’s just one of those functions that is deemed to be of a manager level. You could suggest an improvement to this via the Product Ideas page on the Community Hub if you want . Thanks

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For anyone else following I’ve added a Product Idea External Submission Roles | Community (